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Carefully selected to complement our menus, our wines are also great to drink on their own.


We are pleased to provide wines supplied by H T White and Company.


"Variety is the spice of life" is a saying we've taken to heart when it comes to our beers. From locally sourced ales like Long Man, to the popular big brands like Peroni, we've got you covered.

Pull up a stool at the bar, or relax in the dog-friendly lounge area. We have a great range of beers, with at least two local real ales on tap plus three Continental lagers. There is also an extensive wine list (carefully selected to complement our menus, but also great to drink on their own) and a comprehensive choice of spirits, including at least sixteen different gins.

On the softer side we have something for everyone with a range of drinks including ginger beer, rose lemonade, Victorian Lemonade and dandelion and burdock, tea and coffee.



Our still wines range from around £19 a bottle, and our classic wines are great value too. 

For sparkling wines, our Laurent Perrier is £52, 
Prosecco and Cava start from £24.

Small Prosecco bottles are £9

View our wine menu here.

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We prefer to pair all of our gins with Fever-Tree Premium Mixers. With their carefully selected naturally sourced botanicals and perfect carbonation, Fever-Tree mixers have been crafted to enhance the taste of the finest spirits.

View our Gin List here

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